Our playground chips are distributed throughout Utah.

The Playground Chips

Kids throughout Utah should enjoy recess or time at the public park with their family without scrapes and scars. Playground surfacing makes the difference between a little scrape and a serious injury. We at Express Landscape Products want to see children being able to play and enjoy their childhood without the fear of pain or injury. By using our playground chips, you can offer that safety. Our engineered wood fiber chips are manufactured with only the highest quality virgin wood. We would never compromise children’s safety by using pallets or waste wood. Our playground chips are carefully produced to provide a stable and slip resistant surface to ensure all children have the opportunity to play. With your help, we can build safe and stable playgrounds for the children of Utah.

As stated above, our Chips are engineered wood fiber that provide the highest safety for all children. Our goal is to provide healthy, safe, and beautiful landscape products, and using our Playground Chips is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to make your playground safer and accessible to all.

Shouldn’t the safety of our children be the first priority when we are building a place for them to play and enjoy their childhood? Let’s work together to create safe fun for them.

For any further questions about our playground chips, feel free to contact us via the Contact Us page or by phone (listed on the Contacts page). For landscaping tips or suggestions, visit our blog!