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A safer playground for children may be achieved by changing your playground surfacing.

Rubber mulch is 100% recycled and great for the environment.

All natural shredded bark and mulch products give you a beautiful weed free yard.

We specialize in slope stabilization. Ask how we can solve your erosion control problems.

Express Landscape : Your Place for Utah Landscaping Products

Express Landscape is a company committed to delivering you high-quality materials with which to build and beautify your landscape.

We take the hard work out of your landscaping the old way by using state of the art trucks that can blow all types of landscape products wherever you want. This requires a fraction of the time compared to the amount spent on working with a wheel barrow and shovel. Our blower trucks can blow the landscape products in hard to reach places, provide a smooth layer efficiently and effectively, and leave you feeling satisfied with your landscape.

While creating a beautiful, lasting landscape in sometimes-harsh Utah seasons may have seemed impossible, we at Express Landscape provide the products and insights that prove that it is possible. With our varieties of mulches, compost, playground chips, and erosion control products, you can find the landscaping products needed for your preferred look and landscape.

To get started in your next landscaping project, feel free to tour our site for useful products, tips, and suggestions that help with your goals.

Take this chance to add to the beauty of the world around you.