While Express Landscape Products can take care of your landscaping needs, we realize some people enjoy planting their own vegetable gardens. Here are some tips to consider when starting your own garden.


Consider a raised garden bed

There are many benefits to planting your vegetable garden in a raised garden bed. You don’t have to bend over as far to reach the area you are gardening. Raised garden beds are also healthy for your plants. Veggies in a raised bed get more sun, better air circulation, and better use of water.

Gradually expose your seedlings

Take your seedlings outdoors for a few hours every day. This will introduce them to the increasing sun, wind, and varied temperatures they will experience when they are planted. Don’t rush this process and take a couple of weeks to do it.

Plan your spacing

Make sure you maximize your space when planting. Don’t space them too closely, or else they won’t reach their full size or yield. On the other hand, if you space them too far apart you will end up wasting space.

We hope these tips help out as you start your own vegetable garden. If you are looking for a landscaper for a larger project than your vegetable garden give Express Landscape Products a call at 435-230-1069.

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