The best way to keep your yard free of weeds is to stop them from ever sprouting in the first place. The reason weeds can be so difficult to prevent is that they come naturally suited to thrive in the particular sunlight, water and soil found in your yard. But this doesn’t mean they are unstoppable. Here are a few ways you can keep weeds from sprouting in your lawn:

Don’t Wake Up the Seeds

Weed seeds lie dormant in the soil until they are woken up by sunlight and can begin to germinate. If left undisturbed, they won’t pop up for years so if you leave the soil alone, you can avoid the hassle of weeds for quite a long time. This means avoiding high amounts of hand cultivating and high-power tilling. Instead, opt to leave the natural soil alone and plant your seeds above the ground in compost or other organic material.

Don’t Rule Out Herbicides

Certain pre-emergent herbicides can stop weeds from germinating while leaving existing plants intact. The one difficulty with these herbicides is that timing is essential and tricky. The herbicide must be applied before the seeds germinate, which can be difficult to get right because you can’t see what’s happening underground and the seeds won’t all germinate at exactly the same time. The best way to make sure you apply your herbicide at the right time is to make a note of when the weeds start to pop up in your yard, subtract 3 weeks from that time, and mark that date on your calendar for the coming year.

Plant Close Together

If you plant your flowers and other greenery close together it will limit the space available for weeds to grow. You can double dig when you plant them and get them really close together without worrying about having room to grow – plants can grow down instead of out.

If you’re having problems with weeds sprouting up in your grass, you can prevent them by taking good care of your lawn, keeping it healthy so weeds will have no room to grow. If bald patches crop up in your yard, be quick about reseeding them and make sure to aerate in the fall.

Bury Weeds With Mulch

You can also keep weeds snug in their hibernation by using mulch to cover them up. Mulch can do more than just help prevent weeds. Organic mulch can improve the structure of your soil and give it added nutrients. Synthetic mulches won’t give you these added boosts but they will last longer.

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