What Your Garden Says About You

Published under Landscaping on 02/01/2018

Gardens are often an artistic representation of the gardener who planted them. Even though you would not think that your garden says a lot about you, it surprisingly can. From the flowers you choose to plant, to the arrangement they are in, it all can portray certain things about the person who planted it. Here are few things that you Continue Reading »

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Three Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Green

Published under Landscaping,Tips on 01/01/2018

Keeping your lawn green can seem like an impossible task, especially when you live in a hot area. The mistake that most people make when trying to maintain their yard is they wait until the grass is already dying to try and fix it. Keeping your lawn green is a year-round process, and your efforts in the cooler times of Continue Reading »

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DIY Pest Control

Published under Tips on 12/01/2017

DIY Pest Control The first thing you want to do when doing your own pest control is learning to identify the different kinds of pests that could be in your home. You want to learn what each leaves behinds, the habits it has – ie chewing through wood or other items – and what each looks like. You need to Continue Reading »

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5 Backyard Landscape Ideas For Maximum Privacy

Published under News on 11/01/2017

5 Backyard Landscape Ideas for Maximum Privacy Privacy is something everyone looks for when buying a house. Sometimes it is not as easy to find as you would like. Some fences look out of place and tacky, so what is the best way to maintain privacy and have your yard landscape look good as well? To help answer that question, Continue Reading »

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Fall vs. Spring Planting

Published under News on 10/01/2017

Fall vs. Spring Planting The question of whether to plant in spring or fall is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding planting. Some people believe that it doesn’t really matter or that there is no clear answer. And other have the opposite opinion. The answer is that it depends. Whether to plant in fall or spring depends on Continue Reading »

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The Mulch Rulebook

Published under Mulch on 02/13/2017

Are you looking forward to having the landscape you have always wanted? Mulch can be a perfect addition to get there. However, before you spread the mulch, there are some rules you need to follow. Don’t make the mulch too deep. Particularly for people using organic mulch, it is sometimes tempting to pile on the mulch when designing your landscape. Continue Reading »

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Landscape Life Alert: Reviving Compact Soil

Published under Landscaping on 02/08/2017

We’ve all seen beautiful gardens that we envy and want to replicate in our own yards. However, your progress can get halted before you’ve even begun when you face that rock-hard, dry garden bed. The compacted dirt seems incapable of sustaining the beautiful garden you envisioned. How do you revive that soil so you can bring life and beauty to Continue Reading »

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Landscape Bark

Published under Mulch on 03/31/2016

From home living to college campuses to big business buildings landscape bark is used everywhere. It not only helps the plants to stay healthy and retain moisture, but it allows for a unified clean finished look when finalizing any landscape. Landscape bark is used for a various amount of things. It is used around trees, shrubs, and the garden bed. Continue Reading »

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Spring Planting

Published under Landscaping on 03/02/2016

Spring is right around the corner which means it is time to revamp the dead winter flower bed. There are so many beautiful plants and flowers to choose from right before laying down a blanket of mulch to have your spring landscape looking fresh and ready to go. Here are some flowers that thrive as annuals and are hardy in Continue Reading »

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Preventing Soil Erosion

Published under Erosion Control on 01/27/2016

What Is Erosion? Soil erosion is the natural process of wind or water blowing or washing away the top layer of soil. The ground is constantly changing and moving. Soil erosion can seem invisible and very slow, but have lasting effects that takes years to fix. There is no way to stop it completely, but there are many ways to Continue Reading »

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