Perfect Patterns

Published under Landscaping,Tips on 06/01/2017

Think of grass. Now think of well-kept grass. Now think even more well-kept grass. If you think hard enough, your thoughts will turn to the best-kept grass there is a baseball diamond or a golf course. We’re not talking about a local little league field or a public golf course. A major league baseball diamond is grass perfection. What makes Continue Reading »

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Landscape Bark

Published under Mulch on 03/31/2016

From home living to college campuses to big business buildings landscape bark is used everywhere. It not only helps the plants to stay healthy and retain moisture, but it allows for a unified clean finished look when finalizing any landscape. Landscape bark is used for a various amount of things. It is used around trees, shrubs, and the garden bed. Continue Reading »

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Preventing Soil Erosion

Published under Erosion Control on 01/27/2016

What Is Erosion? Soil erosion is the natural process of wind or water blowing or washing away the top layer of soil. The ground is constantly changing and moving. Soil erosion can seem invisible and very slow, but have lasting effects that takes years to fix. There is no way to stop it completely, but there are many ways to Continue Reading »

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Wood Mulch vs. Rubber Mulch

Published under Mulch,Rubber Mulch on 05/26/2015

Which is Better For You? There are many benefits to using mulch in your landscaping. Mulch gives your landscape a polished look, controls weeds, retains moisture, prevents soil erosion, and controls heat. Here at Express Landscape Products, your Utah landscaping company, we provide both wood and rubber mulch. When choosing which type of mulch to put in your yard, there Continue Reading »

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Why You Should Hire Our Landscaping Company

Published under News on 04/13/2014

Just Hear us Out Hiring a landscaping company in Utah makes a big difference in how a home looks. To prove the point, I want you to imagine two separate homes that are neighbors. Both of them look identical in every single way, except for the yards. The first home has weeds festering the whole garden, dandelions in the grass, Continue Reading »

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Silt Sock Erosion Control

Published under Erosion Control,Erosion Control Products on 01/13/2014

The fines for erosion are steep. Don’t get caught with a fine. It is cheaper to be prepared than pay an unexpected fine. “Success depends on previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure the be failure.” – Confucius Let us help you save costs by controlling erosion. We have silt socks which are filled with wood chips or Continue Reading »

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Landscape Mulch Use in the Community

Published under Mulch on 11/26/2013

There are a lot of uses for mulch throughout any community. Not only can you find it in home landscaping, but in many different areas throughout a normal town or city. There are many landscaping companies in Utah, who work to make their grounds beautiful and stand out to people as they walk through their communities. Good use of mulch Continue Reading »

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Doing All You Can to Avoid Erosion on Your Utah Property

Published under Erosion Control on 09/16/2013

The best defense against erosion on your property is preventing it in the first place, but knowing how to prevent erosion can be a difficult thing to figure out depending on your yard. Soil erosion is the most common complaint of many residential and commercial areas. Soil erosion occurs when the top soil from an area is carried away by Continue Reading »

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Rubber Mulch Utah

Published under Mulch,Rubber Mulch on 04/25/2012

Why Rubber Mulch? Advantages Most people tend to by plant material-based mulches, but, in our opinion, there are more advantages when using rubber mulch for you landscaping. Rubber mulch is usually made up of waste tire scraps. Those tire scraps provide a wide variety of advantages, including: They insulate the soil from heat. They do not absorb water. They reduce Continue Reading »

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Rubber Mulch Salt Lake City

Published under Mulch,Rubber Mulch on 03/30/2012

High Quality Rubber Mulch in Salt Lake City, Utah Don’t Cut Down a Tree Just to Put it Under a Tree Because of how great it is for the environment, rubber mulch receive a lot of praise from some big media sources, including Better Homes and Gardens, CNN, HGTV, USA Today, and more. What’s great about rubber mulch is that Continue Reading »

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