We are in the business of giving landscapes a new look and we are excited to announce that we have redesigned our website to give it a fresh look. We had a Utah web design company called Innovation Simple take over by giving our website a completely new look as well as adding new content management features.

With our new website we will be able to continually keep our customers and every one else updated on what is going on with our company and our industry. We are happy with what we have been able to accomplish as a company and want to hear from you on what you think of our new website and the direction we are heading.

Express Landscape Products is a company committed to being able to give our customers what they want and help them create the beautiful and rich landscape they desire. As we turn this new page, our respect for quality work will not be lost, and we feel reinvigorated to provide positive experiences and products for customers.

Our hope is that with this fresh, new look, we can demonstrate the same fresh, clean quality we work to create for you.

Please call us today at 801-818-BARK or feel free to leave us a comment or suggestion below.

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  1. Utah SEO on 03 Feb 2011 at 6:09 pm

    This website is one of the best landscape websites that I have seen. I like the background of the website using landscape mulch which makes the content of the site look like it is in a flower bed or something.

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