How to take care of your lawn during different seasons.

Did you know that many people mow their lawn too short during the summer time?

Did you know that the grass length actually affects the health of your yard?

Did you know it can adversely lead to disease or drought if mowed incorrectly?

As your Utah landscaping company, we want to educate people on how to best take care of your yard.

mowed lawn

People like to mow their lawn shorter so they can mow it less often. If you are mowing your lawn the same length during the summer and the winter, then you can improve your lawn health by switching up the length for the seasons.

During the summer time, you should leave your lawn a little bit longer. When your grass is a little bit longer, it will shade the soil and trap the moisture in the ground better. It will also encourage the roots to grow.

During the winter time, you want to prepare your lawn for the snowfall. Mow your lawn a little bit shorter to prevent snow mold disease.

Your lawn makes a big statement, make sure to take care of it properly. Contact us at 435-230-1069 for your Utah landscape needs.

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