From home living to college campuses to big business buildings landscape bark is used everywhere. It not only helps the plants to stay healthy and retain moisture, but it allows for a unified clean finished look when finalizing any landscape. Landscape bark is used for a various amount of things. It is used around trees, shrubs, and the garden bed. It is also used up against sidewalks and walkways where landscaping and paths meet. It is long lasting and doesn’t break down as easily. It also helps control weeds going up through by all of the plants. It helps retain moisture in the soil and helps to control insects and pests that might damage your plants. It is usually the number one seller when it comes to finishing the look of landscape. It is perfect for Northern Utah especially during the spring planting of new landscapes*** and the unpredictable weather from snow one day to sunshine and warm winds the next day. Bark is so easy to apply to any landscape through blowing out an even layer across the ground and it is helpful to the environment.

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