Or Even Better, Playground Surface

It’s time to settle a timeless debate. As children we would often sit on the playground and debate which of all the playground pieces was the greatest. This may seem like some childhood debate but the real answer is invaluable. Is it the ever craved slide or the powerful swings? Could the gymnastics bars beat out the monkey bars? Can we look past the bridge and the rocking horses? Yes. Yes we can. The greatest piece of equipment on a playground is the ground.

I’m sure that shattered your world. It’s true. Where would we be without the ground? We wouldn’t be able to run and dance. Say the playground was lain carefully atop broken glass or even jello. It just wouldn’t be the same (the jello would be fun for a while, until it melted and got dirty).

The surface you put under your playground is directly related to how much fun kids will have. It is directly related to how many injuries will be sustained while playing. There is a correlation between using sand and getting sand in your eyes and shoes. In fact there may even be causation.

That’s why we aim to provide the safest situation for you children in the form of playground mulch. Playground mulch offers softer landing, stable ground, and safe playing without the mess of sand or dirt. Not only will the ground be the favorite equipment for the children, the safe and clean foundation we provide will quickly become the favorite of the parents as well.

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