Building a Safe Playground with Our Playground Chips

Playgrounds are viewed as a safe place where children of all ages can go to play and socialize with their friends. But playgrounds can often be a dangerous place for children, especially those with physical disabilities. Every year thousands of children are injured on playgrounds. Playground injuries most often occur when children fall from equipment onto hard surfaces or trip and fall on uneven surfaces. In previous years, playgrounds were covered in regular woodchips, gravel, sand and even concrete. These are all very dangerous if a child happens to fall off of the park equipment. This is why many playgrounds are now equipped with manufactured wood chips.

Achieving a safer space for children is as simple as changing the surface of the playground. We put children’s safety first by refusing to sell unsafe surfacing products such as pellets, waste or pebbles. Our Playground chips are also economical options for creating a safe playground surface for children. Wood products are generally cheaper than other materials yet still provide a great level of safety.

Our manufactured wood chips are created using the highest quality virgin wood and focus on child safety. The playground chips are shredded hardwood that does not include bark, twigs or other scraps that are commonly found in other wood products. This reduces the risk of children getting scratches or splinters when they come in contact with the surface. Our product is carefully produced and applied to playground surfaces to provide a stable, energy absorbent and slip resistant surface.

“Engineered wood chips” is the technical name for our playground chips. These chips have a consistency similar to mulch and meet industry requirements for size shape and consistency. Our playground chips also increase playground safety by ensuring proper drainage, impact resistance and other qualities. It has been revealed through impact testing that our playground chips earned high ratings in impact resistance. Our product is firm and slip resistant allowing even strollers and wheelchairs to easily navigate across it.

If you’re looking for a safe way to complete a playground consider our playground chips. Our products are tested and proven safe and effective in providing a no slip, stable, energy absorbent surface that allows children to play safely and strollers and wheelchairs to easily access the playground. Call us today for more information.

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