Spring is right around the corner which means it is time to revamp the dead winter flower bed. There are so many beautiful plants and flowers to choose from right before laying down a blanket of mulch to have your spring landscape looking fresh and ready to go. Here are some flowers that thrive as annuals and are hardy in the Utah landscape.

Tulips– part of the lily family, these bulbous flowers have a variety of different colors.

Petunias-this South American flower is named after the French word “petun” for tobacco.

Marigolds-in the daisy family these flowers are famous for their orange and yellow colors.

Begonias-these flowers are usually found in a tropical climate, but can be cultivated for colder areas.

Larkspur-the latin name of Delphinium comes from comes from Latin meaning dolphin.

Cornflower– or bachelor’s button are an intense blue that is one of Germany’s national symbols.

Morning glory-are known for blooming full in the early morning.

Pansies-can survive in light frosts and mild snow, perfect for Utah’s changing weather during spring

Poppies-a symbol of peace and sleep, poppies are often used to honor soldiers.

Snapdragons-native to Europe the flower looks like the face of a dragon.

Contact us here at Express Landscape, with all your landscaping questions and concerns. We are here to help you get your beautiful spring landscape in full swing.

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