Beauty Without All The Stress

Coming home after a long day’s work to a beautiful yard can be refreshing and therapeutic. But if you’re a hard working individual, it can be tricky to find time for your yard when you’re putting in so many hours at the office. But as your trusted landscaping company in Utah, we make it our job to make your yard beautiful and cater to what you have time for in your life. So we have put together a list of our favorite low maintenance plants that are best for Utah residents.


This plant is our favorite because it can handle all the extreme seasons that Utah will throw at your garden or yard. You and your family will love to watch as this shrub changes colors from season to season. The best part is that the only care that this plant needs to survive is ordinary soil and water. This plant is also friendly to the rest of your garden with its non-invasive roots.

Burning Bush

Often used as a screen or hedge, the burning bush only needs average soil, water and sun to produce beautiful red and orange leaves during the fall. The leaves will stay on the plant longer than your average tree during fall to bring a spark of color to your landscape when other plants are bare. This plant will not grow any taller than 10 feet tall and can easily be pruned to a preferred height.

Redtwig Dogwood

Related to the dogwood tree, this plant grows on a smaller scale for an easier maintenance. Small clustered flowers will appear on the leaves during the summer months and into fall but the red and orange branch colors that occur in October is what you’ll enjoy the most with this plant. A word of caution, if you use deicers with salt in your garden this plant will not hold up well because it is not tolerate to high salinity levels.

These are our top three plants for low maintenance in Utah. If you would like more landscaping advice or you need someone to maintain your garden give us a call!

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