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Do you want a beautiful front yard but can’t seem to keep the dandelions at bay? Do you wish you had that lush garden, but you just can’t get those plants to thrive and flourish? Do you not have the time to fight off pests, mulch, pull out weeds, water all your plants, and protect your little seedlings from any harsh Utah environment?

We at Express Landscape know that landscaping can be tough. But along with top-quality mulch, compost, and erosion control products, we also have some tricks up our sleeves to offer that can help simplify your work and earn you the landscape you want.


1. Want to start growing plants but afraid for its safety from weather and pests out in your garden? Never fear! Use eggshells as natural planting starters. When you’ve used an egg, hold on to the shell and put nutrient-healthy soil and seeds in them. Once the plant has grown enough for permanent planting, put the plant (shell and all) into the ground. The shell will break down and actually help the soil!

2. Want to be rid of those frustrating weeds that keep peeking up in driveway cracks and between paving stones? It’s as simple as sprinkling salt in the cracks. This will stop any plant growth that might threaten the aesthetics of your landscape. Be warned: salt can also kill desirable plants, so make sure not to wash it off into your garden or sprinkle it on your lawn. Only use salt in areas where you want no vegetation.


3. Want to give a little extra nutrients to your plants? After boiling vegetables for your meals, save the water. Once it has cooled, feed it to your plants. That water is infused with nutrients that will help your plants blossom to create a beautiful landscape.

4. Want to plant without the hassle of having to uproot and replant in the future? Go for the pot-in-pot method of planting. Dig a hole and put a pot for permanent residence in the soil, making sure that there is good water drainage so mold does not grow between pots. Place the second pot with the plant inside the permanent pot (but make sure both pots are large enough that root growth can still be relatively unhindered). Use mulch around the edges of the plant to keep the landscape looking natural and uniform. Next time you are ready to replace your plant, it’s as easy as just removing the inside pot!


5. Don’t have time to water every plant in your landscape? Take an empty two-liter bottle and poke very small holes all over the surface. This can be done with a pushpin or something similar. Attach the bottle to your hose by sticking the hose into the bottle mouth and securing with duct tape. Set the bottle hose into the center of your garden and watch the water spout like a real sprinkler!


6. Looking for a natural way to repel pests? Use coffee grounds or citrus peels in your garden. Pests will stay far away, and the natural repellants will break down and act as a natural fertilizer, feeding your landscape with healthy nutrients.


With a few tips and tricks, your landscape will bloom without consuming your time, money, and patience. Armed with these ideas, along with our quality mulch and landscape products, you are set to develop your very own picturesque Utah landscape!

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