3 Easy Ideas for a Great-Looking Yard

If you want to make your yard and garden more attractive, be prepared to do some maintenance. You will need to cut down on cost if you have a small landscaping budget, but just because you downsize your spending does not mean your landscaping should look cheap. There are different landscaping options available that make your yard look great, but require very little maintenance.


You can choose clover over grass to help keep your landscaping costs down. Clover is drought tolerant, but it can make your yard look green for the entire year. You will not need to use a lot of water to keep your clover green, unlike actual grass. According to CloverLawn.org, clover supplies its own nutrients. If you have low fertility soils, you clover will still grow. If you have pets, do not worry; clover is resistant to pet urine. This low maintenance tip can help you have a yard that is healthy, lush, and green in appearance.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are another low maintenance landscaping option available to you. They let you cut down on expenses without trimming the creativity. Choose from a variety of boulders that come in different shapes, textures, colors and heights. The rocks can also be used as seats for guests who visit your garden. You will eliminate the weeding, grass cutting, and watering that is necessary with a traditional garden. If you want an alternative to rocks use decorated cement rounds and squares. If you would like to place cacti or other plants in your rock garden, make sure you set the rocks higher than the plants so they will be free of dirt or moss.

Hedge Privacy Borders

You may want a fence to keep your yard hidden, but the costs may not be worth the privacy. Do not worry, your yard can remain unseen if you have hedges instead. Shrubs are typically more expensive to maintain, which is why you should choose the tallhedge plant instead. This plant has the ability to grow up to 60 feet tall, and give you the privacy borders that a fence could, for less of the price. Lumber fences need to be painted or stained from time-to-time, but well drained soil and the sun can keep your tallhedge border looking fantastic.

You may not have the time or money, but you can still have a well-polished and manicured yard. Try out some of these low-maintenance landscaping options that require minimal effort. You will love the results!

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