Landscape Bark

Are you looking for something to add to your landscape or yard that can add a refined, professional quality while still providing a healthy and natural environment for your home and plants? If so, then Landscape Bark and Mulch from Express Landscape may be exactly what you need.

Express Landscape Products offers all natural shredded bark and mulch products to give customers in Utah a beautiful, weed-free yard that your neighbors will all be talking about. Your Utah yard will look great and your plants will love you too. Proper application of mulch each year will protect your plants from extreme conditions as well.

Mulch insulates your plants’ roots from the heat while retaining necessary moisture and in the winter it keeps the roots under a protective blanket, conserving the warmth of the soil beneath. Blowing mulch into flower beds and other shrub areas is a perfect way to finalize the look and feel of a beautifully landscaped yard.

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The professionals at Express Landscape Products can make your Utah yard or land come to life with a smooth layer application of landscape mulch or bark. These are our number one selling products due to their efficacy. Mulch is also an environmentally safe landscape product that will not only make your landscape look good, but it will enrich its surroundings as well.