What Is Erosion?
Soil erosion is the natural process of wind or water blowing or washing away the top layer of soil. The ground is constantly changing and moving. Soil erosion can seem invisible and very slow, but have lasting effects that takes years to fix. There is no way to stop it completely, but there are many ways to help prevent it in its tracks.

Methods to Control and Protect
There are many different ways to prevent and protect your landscape from falling to erosion. We offer a variety of products to fulfill your specific needs. EcoBlanket replaces the natural layer of humus or topsoil layer that is the first to be blown or washed away during soil erosion on a hill or slope. It can be easily laid in a one time process and can be matched to any terrain and has a 99 percent effective rate. The blanket is 100 percent recyclable, reusable, and organic.
Silt Socks are another great way to prevent erosion, placed perpendicular to runoff or excess storm water to catch the passing sediment. The sock is made of a mesh tube that contains compost and recycled wood chips that catch extra sediment at a controlled rate during excess water runoff and other free flowing water. Silt Socks can be installed anywhere, even on frozen or rocky ground and is very close to the ground to not let any water slip through underneath. Perfect for northern Utah climate during the harsh winter months of constant snow and rainfall. The sock is is reusable, has the ability to hold up to twenty times its water weight, and can be used in place of silt fences.
Ecoberm prevents erosion and provides an alternative to silt fencing. Ecoberm is sediment control that is earth friendly and very effective with a mixture of mulch and compost. No ditches or digging is required for installation, and can stay and be seeded as a permanent part of the landscape.
At Express Landscape we offer a wide variety of products that help your northern Utah landscape look its best, and be earth friendly. With certified contractors and developers, our northern Utah landscaping company is ready to help provide the best products to protect and preserve your landscape.

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