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Soil Erosion | How Does it Happen?

When water or wind carries away the top soil from any area, soil erosion takes place. Though soil erosion is natural, it creates a lot of problems for the people when they start cultivating their land. Land without top soil cannot support plant life. That’s why it is so important to take preventive steps in advance in order to prevent the damage caused by soil erosion.

Erosion Control Products and Solutions

Erosion control prevents the destruction of soil erosion caused by wind, rain, and excessive water on the soil surface. Soil erosion occurs on most residential properties from over-watering. So all of you homes owner, listen up. Here are some erosion control products and solutions you should be interested in.

1. The best way to prevent soil erosion is by planting as many plants or trees as possible. Loose soil gets carried away easily by strong winds or rain. The roots of trees or plants can hold soil particles together to preventing soil erosion.

2. Mulching can prevent soil erosion and even improve the structure of soil. When you mulch, you are simply covering the soil with a layer of organic matter that helps keep the soil moist and enrich its quality. Mulching works best on flat land with no slopes.

3. Intercropping and agroforestry are some measures that render protection to the soil from rain splash.

4. Adding crop residues onto the soil before harvesting protects the soil from erosion until the next crop development.

5. Erosion control matting helps with the formation of vegetation on farming properties. It is generally made from materials such as jute, wood, coir, straw, mulches, fibers, and other organic materials. Synthetic mesh straw strands are used to then hold the matting together. There are various types of erosion control matting that homeowners can use and implement into their monthly landscaping maintenance in order to prevent soil erosion.

    The EcoBlanket® | Stop Soil Erosion In Its Tracks

    The EcoBlanket® is absolutely one of the most effective methods available on the market for stopping soil erosion. The EcoBlanket® replaces the natural layer of humus that already protects undisturbed soils. It is injected with Microblend®, which increases structural integrity along with the ability to aid in the degradation of hydrocarbons that are found on many construction sites. The EcoBlanket® is easily installed in a one step, low impact process that can cater to almost any terrain.


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    The EcoBerm® | Bye Bye Fencing

    The EcoBerm® eliminates the need for plastic silt fencing. The EcoBerm® can easily be installed while silt fences or other methods require ditching and reinforcement. The EcoBerm® has revolutionized sediment control by providing an option that is not only eco-friendly but proven to be highly effective.


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