Three Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Green

Published under Landscaping,Tips on 01/01/2018

Keeping your lawn green can seem like an impossible task, especially when you live in a hot area. The mistake that most people make when trying to maintain their yard is they wait until the grass is already dying to try and fix it. Keeping your lawn green is a year-round process, and your efforts in the cooler times of Continue Reading »

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DIY Pest Control

Published under Tips on 12/01/2017

DIY Pest Control The first thing you want to do when doing your own pest control is learning to identify the different kinds of pests that could be in your home. You want to learn what each leaves behinds, the habits it has – ie chewing through wood or other items – and what each looks like. You need to Continue Reading »

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How to Instantly Improve Your Property Value

Published under Landscaping,Mulch,Tips on 08/01/2017

Are you thinking of selling? Or refinancing? A home’s value can be increased by cleaning up and making simple improvements to the property. Here are 8 things that you can do to improve your home value through your property!       Plants Plant plants in your yard to make it look more welcoming. Also, consider buying some potted plants, Continue Reading »

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5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Summer BBQ

Published under Tips on 07/01/2017

Barbeques can be some of the most fun times during the summer, but they also can turn into a stressful event to plan. Follow these simple tips and you will have the perfect summer BBQ!   Don’t Try to Do It All Yourself One of the easiest ways to simplify your barbeque is to have everyone bring a side. Your Continue Reading »

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Perfect Patterns

Published under Landscaping,Tips on 06/01/2017

Think of grass. Now think of well-kept grass. Now think even more well-kept grass. If you think hard enough, your thoughts will turn to the best-kept grass there is a baseball diamond or a golf course. We’re not talking about a local little league field or a public golf course. A major league baseball diamond is grass perfection. What makes Continue Reading »

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Making Your Own Compost

Published under Tips on 05/05/2017

High-quality compost is one of the many products that we offer at Express Landscape. Compost can enhance your garden or landscaping by helping the soil retain moisture and fight off diseases. Although it takes a lot of work, dedication, and time, lots of people choose to make their own compost and add it to their yard. Here are some tips Continue Reading »

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How to Keep Weeds Out of Your Yard

Published under Tips on 11/06/2015

The best way to keep your yard free of weeds is to stop them from ever sprouting in the first place. The reason weeds can be so difficult to prevent is that they come naturally suited to thrive in the particular sunlight, water and soil found in your yard. But this doesn’t mean they are unstoppable. Here are a few Continue Reading »

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Tips for Planting You Own Vegetable Garden

Published under Tips on 08/17/2015

While Express Landscape Products can take care of your landscaping needs, we realize some people enjoy planting their own vegetable gardens. Here are some tips to consider when starting your own garden. Consider a raised garden bed There are many benefits to planting your vegetable garden in a raised garden bed. You don’t have to bend over as far to Continue Reading »

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Essential Gardening Tools for the Spring Time

Published under Tips on 01/31/2013

Spring is almost here, thank goodness. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to keep your yard looking pretty and your garden even prettier, you have a lot of work to do this spring. It is easier said than done, however, we have a few suggestions for you to keep in mind before the snow melts and the birds Continue Reading »

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