How to Instantly Improve Your Property Value

Published under Landscaping,Mulch,Tips on 08/01/2017

Are you thinking of selling? Or refinancing? A home’s value can be increased by cleaning up and making simple improvements to the property. Here are 8 things that you can do to improve your home value through your property!       Plants Plant plants in your yard to make it look more welcoming. Also, consider buying some potted plants, Continue Reading »

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Rubber Mulch or Wood Mulch? When To Use Each

Published under Mulch,Playground Chips on 04/19/2017

The snow is melting away and the blossoms are coming out as they welcome in spring. With spring comes one of our favorite times of the year: the landscaping and gardening season. Sometimes this time of year puts you in a tricky spot with making decisions, though. One of the common questions we hear is about when to use different Continue Reading »

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The Mulch Rulebook

Published under Mulch on 02/13/2017

Are you looking forward to having the landscape you have always wanted? Mulch can be a perfect addition to get there. However, before you spread the mulch, there are some rules you need to follow. Don’t make the mulch too deep. Particularly for people using organic mulch, it is sometimes tempting to pile on the mulch when designing your landscape. Continue Reading »

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Landscape Bark

Published under Mulch on 03/31/2016

From home living to college campuses to big business buildings landscape bark is used everywhere. It not only helps the plants to stay healthy and retain moisture, but it allows for a unified clean finished look when finalizing any landscape. Landscape bark is used for a various amount of things. It is used around trees, shrubs, and the garden bed. Continue Reading »

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Designing a Child-Friendly Landscape

Published under Mulch,Playground Mulch on 09/11/2015

Time spent outdoors playing, exploring and imagining is an important part of your child’s development at any age. You can help foster meaningful outdoor play by paying attention to how you design your outdoor landscape. Safety The first thing to keep in mind is safety. We take lots of precautions in the home when welcoming children into the mix – Continue Reading »

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Wood Mulch vs. Rubber Mulch

Published under Mulch,Rubber Mulch on 05/26/2015

Which is Better For You? There are many benefits to using mulch in your landscaping. Mulch gives your landscape a polished look, controls weeds, retains moisture, prevents soil erosion, and controls heat. Here at Express Landscape Products, your Utah landscaping company, we provide both wood and rubber mulch. When choosing which type of mulch to put in your yard, there Continue Reading »

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Children’s Favorite Playground Equipment

Published under Mulch,Playground Mulch on 03/15/2014

Or Even Better, Playground Surface It’s time to settle a timeless debate. As children we would often sit on the playground and debate which of all the playground pieces was the greatest. This may seem like some childhood debate but the real answer is invaluable. Is it the ever craved slide or the powerful swings? Could the gymnastics bars beat Continue Reading »

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Landscape Mulch Use in the Community

Published under Mulch on 11/26/2013

There are a lot of uses for mulch throughout any community. Not only can you find it in home landscaping, but in many different areas throughout a normal town or city. There are many landscaping companies in Utah, who work to make their grounds beautiful and stand out to people as they walk through their communities. Good use of mulch Continue Reading »

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Building a Safe Playground

Published under Mulch,Playground Mulch on 06/12/2013

Building a Safe Playground with Our Playground Chips Playgrounds are viewed as a safe place where children of all ages can go to play and socialize with their friends. But playgrounds can often be a dangerous place for children, especially those with physical disabilities. Every year thousands of children are injured on playgrounds. Playground injuries most often occur when children Continue Reading »

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Rubber Mulch Utah

Published under Mulch,Rubber Mulch on 04/25/2012

Why Rubber Mulch? Advantages Most people tend to by plant material-based mulches, but, in our opinion, there are more advantages when using rubber mulch for you landscaping. Rubber mulch is usually made up of waste tire scraps. Those tire scraps provide a wide variety of advantages, including: They insulate the soil from heat. They do not absorb water. They reduce Continue Reading »

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