What Your Garden Says About You

Published under Landscaping on 02/01/2018

Gardens are often an artistic representation of the gardener who planted them. Even though you would not think that your garden says a lot about you, it surprisingly can. From the flowers you choose to plant, to the arrangement they are in, it all can portray certain things about the person who planted it. Here are few things that you Continue Reading »

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Three Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Green

Published under Landscaping,Tips on 01/01/2018

Keeping your lawn green can seem like an impossible task, especially when you live in a hot area. The mistake that most people make when trying to maintain their yard is they wait until the grass is already dying to try and fix it. Keeping your lawn green is a year-round process, and your efforts in the cooler times of Continue Reading »

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How to Instantly Improve Your Property Value

Published under Landscaping,Mulch,Tips on 08/01/2017

Are you thinking of selling? Or refinancing? A home’s value can be increased by cleaning up and making simple improvements to the property. Here are 8 things that you can do to improve your home value through your property!       Plants Plant plants in your yard to make it look more welcoming. Also, consider buying some potted plants, Continue Reading »

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Perfect Patterns

Published under Landscaping,Tips on 06/01/2017

Think of grass. Now think of well-kept grass. Now think even more well-kept grass. If you think hard enough, your thoughts will turn to the best-kept grass there is a baseball diamond or a golf course. We’re not talking about a local little league field or a public golf course. A major league baseball diamond is grass perfection. What makes Continue Reading »

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Landscape Hacks for the Nature Novice

Published under Landscaping on 03/16/2017

Do you want a beautiful front yard but can’t seem to keep the dandelions at bay? Do you wish you had that lush garden, but you just can’t get those plants to thrive and flourish? Do you not have the time to fight off pests, mulch, pull out weeds, water all your plants, and protect your little seedlings from any Continue Reading »

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Landscape Life Alert: Reviving Compact Soil

Published under Landscaping on 02/08/2017

We’ve all seen beautiful gardens that we envy and want to replicate in our own yards. However, your progress can get halted before you’ve even begun when you face that rock-hard, dry garden bed. The compacted dirt seems incapable of sustaining the beautiful garden you envisioned. How do you revive that soil so you can bring life and beauty to Continue Reading »

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Spring Planting

Published under Landscaping on 03/02/2016

Spring is right around the corner which means it is time to revamp the dead winter flower bed. There are so many beautiful plants and flowers to choose from right before laying down a blanket of mulch to have your spring landscape looking fresh and ready to go. Here are some flowers that thrive as annuals and are hardy in Continue Reading »

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Landscaping Design and Style

Published under Landscaping on 12/04/2015

A lot of thought goes into designing a beautiful landscape. Thinking about the elements of design and style as you plan and organize your landscape can help you get the best results. Design There are three basic elements to consider with design: color, texture, and form. With these elements, you can create unity and balance in your landscape design. Color Continue Reading »

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Landscape Planning 101

Published under Landscaping on 10/09/2015

It takes real thought and care to plan and organize a beautiful landscape. When planning your landscape it may be difficult to know where to begin or what elements to incorporate. This simple landscape planning guide will help you assess your particular situation so you can make the best decisions about what to include in your landscape and how to Continue Reading »

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Low Maintenance Plants For Utah

Published under Landscaping on 09/15/2014

Beauty Without All The Stress Coming home after a long day’s work to a beautiful yard can be refreshing and therapeutic. But if you’re a hard working individual, it can be tricky to find time for your yard when you’re putting in so many hours at the office. But as your trusted landscaping company in Utah, we make it our Continue Reading »

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