What Your Garden Says About You

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Gardens are often an artistic representation of the gardener who planted them. Even though you would not think that your garden says a lot about you, it surprisingly can. From the flowers you choose to plant, to the arrangement they are in, it all can portray certain things about the person who planted it. Here are few things that you Continue Reading »

DIY Pest Control

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DIY Pest Control The first thing you want to do when doing your own pest control is learning to identify the different kinds of pests that could be in your home. You want to learn what each leaves behinds, the habits it has – ie chewing through wood or other items – and what each looks like. You need to Continue Reading »

Fall vs. Spring Planting

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Fall vs. Spring Planting The question of whether to plant in spring or fall is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding planting. Some people believe that it doesn’t really matter or that there is no clear answer. And other have the opposite opinion. The answer is that it depends. Whether to plant in fall or spring depends on Continue Reading »