Making Your Own Compost

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High quality compost is one of the many products that we offer at Express Landscape. Compost can enhance your garden or landscaping by helping soil retain moisture and fight off diseases. Although it takes a lot of work, dedication, and time, lots of people choose to make their own compost and add it to their yard. Here are some tips Continue Reading »

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Rubber Mulch or Wood Mulch? When To Use Each

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The snow is melting away and the blossoms are coming out as they welcome in spring. With spring comes one of our favorite times of the year: the landscaping and gardening season. Sometimes this time of year puts you in a tricky spot with making decisions, though. One of the common questions we hear is about when to use different Continue Reading »

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The Mulch Rulebook

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Are you looking forward to having the landscape you have always wanted? Mulch can be a perfect addition to get there. However, before you spread the mulch, there are some rules you need to follow. Don’t make the mulch too deep. Particularly for people using organic mulch, it is sometimes tempting to pile on the mulch when designing your landscape. Continue Reading »

Landscape Life Alert: Reviving Compact Soil

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We’ve all seen beautiful gardens that we envy and want to replicate in our own yards. However, your progress can get halted before you’ve even begun when you face that rock-hard, dry garden bed. The compacted dirt seems incapable of sustaining the beautiful garden you envisioned. How do you revive that soil so you can bring life and beauty to Continue Reading »